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Who is Artemis? | What does Natural Resource Designs mean? | Mission and outlook

Artemis began in 2007 as a natural resource consulting business specializing in botanical surveys and GIS mapping. I have degrees in Horticulture, Environmental Conservation with a minor in wildlife, and also have completed small business management studies and advanced classes in graphic design. I worked 15 years as a professional in the environmental field before losing my job in the bad economy. In 2009, I started a challenging but rewarding new career path as a professional photographer.

Artemis Natural Resource Designs evolved from my love of photography and the growing demand from friends and townies who wanted to buy my work. I handmade photo cards and sold them at my local store. Sales were fantastic and I was always asked to take more photos of specific places.

The demand was so good, I wanted to do more than be the typical handmade photo greeting card company. The photographs I sold had so much history and information to share with the recipient, that I professionally designed and printed Artemis Fine Art Photo Greeting Cards to be multi-use.

Every photo is professionally printed onto the card stock that is made from 100% fsc recycled paper, and are manufactured using the most sustainable and cost effective business practices possible - including being made right here in NH. Local recipes, history, and information are found on the back of every card. The acid-free archival-quality paper makes them an affordable piece of framable art.

Kathie Fife, Photographer



Photo by John Hession
NH Magazine Feb. 2010

With the increasing demand to capture the "true essence of New Hampshire", I further developed the fine art photography part of Artemis. I am mostly self taught and have spent hours upon hours studying, practicing, and challenging myself. I shoot with a Nikon D700, Manfrotto tripod, and professional Nikkor lenses.

Many people ask me if I make changes or put things in the photos to make them "pop", such as the very popular Canterbury Shaker Village panoramic of the gorgeous light on the buildings, sunflowers in the foreground, and geese flying in the distance. I assure you, everything you see in my photography is real, and are absolutely true to that moment in time. Historic Portsmouth Harbour, NH

Today, I am professionally shooting historic villages, buildings, barns, landscapes, and fine architecture. Since 2011, photojournalism/editorial assignments and photo documentary work of historic preservation projects have been the bulk of my art. I'm equally comfortable in the woods, as I am at a high profile event, in the studio working with monolights, capturing a sporting event, or on the campaign trail. Most of my time is working with clients on commercial assignments and creating photo documentaries. I also exhibit my art in fine art galleries.

Artemis is always evolving - which is the best part about owning a business. The challenges it creates, opens up opportunities. Without you, my loyal customers, I would not be able to live this dream. I am not getting rich working as an artist. My fridge is bare, but my heart is light.

Thank you for supporting Artemis and Kathie Fife Photography, and especially for your endless encouragement, criticism, and positive feedback !

Who is Artemis, and what does it mean?

I've never heard the term Natural Resource Designs used before, what does it mean?

Artemis Natural Resource Designs, LLC is a company that specializes in providing professional environmental consulting services that is science based - with attractive photography and graphic designs to communicate the often dry, and hard to follow concepts of scientific details - into an engaging and informative art form.

Mission and outlook

Artemis Natural Resource Designs (ANRD) believes in supporting local communities and the small town spirit that is such an important part of what makes communities vibrant - while maintaining that special character unique to New Hampshire.

Artemis donates a percentage of our profits to natural resource conservation and historic preservation projects.

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