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Artemis photo greeting cards

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ABC World News with Diane Sawyer Made in America Gift Ideas

New Hampshire Magazine logo
Wild Blue is featured in the June 2012 issue of New Hampshire Magazine! Read the story

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  • FSC 100% recycled paper
  • processed chlorine free
  • green-e certified
  • manufactured carbon neutral with renewable water & wind power
  • acid free and archival quality paper - perfect for framing !
  • professionally designed and printed in New Hampshire

Made exclusively in New Hampshire
Artist Photo Greeting Cards
Kathie Fife has captured the historic rural life, native flora and fauna, and beautiful, but not so common White Mountain scenes of New Hampshire. Professionally photographed, designed, and printed on acid free - archival quality 100% FSC Recycled Paper.

Custom Designed Products
Whether it be a greeting card, postcard, or web graphic we can create a product for your needs. We also create commercial images for magazines, brochures, and other media related needs. Do we photograph more than nature? Absolutely, we provide environmental portraits and product photography for example. Contact us to create a custom designed photo graphic product for your business. Interested in selling Artemis cards in your store? Contact us for wholesale information.

The New Hampshire State Symbols Collection

Featuring the Pumpkin, Pink Lady's Slipper, the Karner Blue Butterfly, and Lilac. Each card has detailed information on the back of the card.
8 cards - 2 each of 4 designs$40.00
Special Price: $30.00 ORDER

NH Woodlands Set

The New Hampshire Woodlands Set

Featuring the Pink Lady's Slipper, Bloodroot, two White Mountain National Forest scenics, Trillum, and Small Whorled Pogonia. Each card has detailed information on the back of the card, including conservation status, habitats, and images of the Old Man of the Mountain.
6 cards - 1 each of 6 designs$30.00
Special Price $25.00 ORDER

New Designs!!

Wild Blue featured in the News!

"Wild Blue" - featuring the Wild Blue Lupine and the Karner Blue Butterfly, NH's state symbol. The back of the card is highlighted with more photos and describes how both species came back from the brink of extinction.
Single Card $5.00

Click here to learn more about this card
In the News! Wild Blue featured in The Weirs TImes - July 8, 2010
and on the cover of WRENzine, The Union Leader, and NH Magazine

NEW! Nubble Lighthouse York Maine

The Nubble Lighthouse, York Maine - our only artistic expression used to enhance the photograph. A popular print made into a artist card featuring a "Lobster Corn Chowder" recipe on the back from the 1637 York Harbor Inn.
Single Card $5.00

NEW! Fall foliage and stonewall card
Fall in Sugar Hill, NH - featuring a sugar maple in leaf color surrounded by a stonewall, field, and blue sky. A custom design made exclusively for Polly's Pancake Parlor featuring Kathie Cotes famous Maple Pecan Cheesecake recipe on the back of the card.

Single Card $5.00

NEW! Non native lupines in Sugar Hill NH

Fields of Lupines - A custom designed card for Polly's Pancake Parlor in Sugar Hill, NH. The back of the card features the famous Hurricane Sauce recipe from Polly's.
Single Card $5.00

Please note: Although Artemis does not advocate planting non-native species, we do however support the local economy. It is through education, such as the Wild Blue artist card, that we advocate planting native species to protect biodiversity and native plants and wildlife. Click here to learn more about planting native species to support local habitats.

Since we started selling the cards in June 2008, we often hear that people buy Artemis photo greeting cards "because they are just so beautiful" that they want to keep them to frame and hang in their homes. We take pride in our work and we hope that you will find these cards to be as enjoyable as it was for us to create them.

Single Cards $5.00 ORDER Click on any image bedlow to view larger images and purchase online.

Item Number nh_003  Black-eyed Susan with New Hampshire printed on the front

100% recycled paper



green e

100% Recycled Paper
Chlorine Free
NEW! Nubble Lighthouse York Maine
New! me-nl-001
NEW! Non native lupines in Sugar Hill NH
New! nh-lupine
NEW! Fall foliage and stonewall card
New! nh-tree-L003

Item Number nh_012  Trillium with New Hampshire printed on the front

Item Number nh_005  Turkey with New Hampshire printed on the front
Item Number nh_007  New Hampshire printed on the front.  A NH Town Hall found in Canterbury.  Back of the card has a history about the town hall.
Item Number  nh_004  New Hampshire printed on the front
Item Number sp_002  Fernleaf Yellow False Foxglove printed on the front
Item Number nh_002  Indigo bunting photo with  New Hampshire printed on the front
Item Number nh_008  White Mountain Alpine Zone New Hampshire printed on the front.  White Mountain Butterfly on the back.
Item Number nhsym_001 New Hampshire printed on the front
Item Number nh_001  A cluster of golden delicious apples with New Hampshire printed on the front.  Recipe on the back.
Item Number nh_006 Green frog in camouflage with New Hampshire printed on the front
Item Number sp_001  Twelve Spotted Skimmer printed on the front
Item Number csv_001  Canterbury Shaker Village, New Hampshire printed on the front.  Shaker recipe on the back.
Item Number nh_010  with New Hampshire printed on the front
Item Number csv_004 with Canterbury Shaker Village New Hampshire printed on the front
Item Number csv_002  with Canterbury Shaker Village New Hampshire printed on the front
Item Number csv_003  with Canterbury Shaker Village New Hampshire printed on the front.  Shaker recipe on the back.
Item Number nhsym_002 Lilac with New Hampshire printed on the front.  History of NH's state symbol on the back.
Item Number sp_001  with Highbush Blueberry printed on the front.  Recipe on the back.
Item Number nh_009  with White Mountain National Forest New Hamsphire printed on the front.  Information about the WMNF, Lincoln Woods Trail, and more!
Item Number sp_006 with Bloodroot printed on the front
Item Number sp_005 with Pink Lady's Slipper printed on the front.  NH's state wildflower on the back with full description.
Item Number sp_004  with Small Whorled Pogonia printed on the front
Wild Blue - Native Lupine and Karner Blue Butterfly

Made in NH

Single Card $5.00

We are proud members of NH Made
Gift Packs- Save -includes 6 cards for the price of 5
.....Mouse over:  NH Flora and Fauna set and NH White Mountain National Forest Collection
Order this gift set: NH Flora and Fauna Gift Set of 6 cards.

New Hampshire Flora and Fauna Gift Set
Artemis gift sets include six cards
Retail price $30.00
Special Price $25.00 ORDER
Order here to download a PDF form

What makes Artemis photo cards stand out from the rest ?
Artemis cards are not prints of photos pasted onto cardstock, and our cards are not produced on a home printer. Our cards are professionally designed and printed using quality high-end presses. And what makes our cards different, is that Artemis cards have a story to tell, written by us, on the back of every card - such as, species and field ID, history, recipes, and each one has The Old Man of the Mountain image with history, and much, much more!

We hear from our customers that our line of photo cards are "absolutely gorgeous", "No one has created a card like this. You have really captured the true essence of NH", "Each card brings you in and it tells a whole story. Wow!" "I love that they have recipes on the back", "It's nice to buy a greeting card that tells me all about the photo, rather than just a photo pasted onto cardstock", "It's not just a's a postcard, it's edcuational, and a piece of art I can frame. And it's got wonderful recipes and history on the back. Thank you.", "You have put so much detail and care into these cards. I am even happier to know that these are 'green' cards too!"

Artemis photo cards are photographed, designed, and printed in NH
There are millions of greeting cards sold every year. Most of these cards contain virgin forest fibers, are bleached white, contain no or low amounts of recycled content, are manufactured overseas and use polluting toxins to produce.

Artemis cards are made with as low of an impact on the environment as possible, have more than just one use, are made right here in NH to support our local economy - and economical.

Artemis cards are made with an environmental commitment to protect our valuable natural resources.

Multi-use cards

Artemis cards have more than one use
Every greeting card is designed with more than one purpose. Many of them contain a recipe card on the back that can be cut out and saved. Cut the greeting card in half and use it as a postcard or gift label. Take the flora and fauna cards out in the forest with you to use as a field guide for identifying species in the wild. Or simply frame them.

Still want to know more..... ?
All of the cards are blank inside, 5x7, and include detailed descriptions on the back about the photo on the front. Canterbury Shaker Village cards have a different original Shaker recipe with a brief history of the Village. The rare species (small whorled pogonia and fernleaf yellow false foxglove), and common plant and wildlife species include identification, habitat, and conservation information. The lilac, pink lady's slipper, and the pumpkin are New Hampshire state symbols containing lively historical details, and the White Mountain National Forest photos include trail descriptions for a short hike along the Pemigewasset River, history about the Old Man Of the Mountain, and life in the alpine zone for the endangered White Mountain butterfly.

Artemis cards are NOT prints of photographs pasted onto cardstock. All of Artemis cards are professionally printed using quality high-end presses.

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